If you're looking for explanations to all of the technical language and expressions that the characters use in the comic or more info about creatures or other strange things - this is the place to be!
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Angel bodies – As a rule, Angels have human bodies except for the wings. If they'd like to go under cover they can easily make their wings disappear. The Saviours don’t have wings, for example because they are supposed to blend in among humans, but the Archangels usually never hide their wings.

How to kill an Angel – Archangels are commonly harder to kill than normal Angels. Nobody knows why, but Mr. D suspects that God has found out a special blessing which makes the Archangels almost immortal. The only way to liquidate them is to cut of their heads with a blessed sword. This is very hard to accomplish since the only ones that have blessed swords are the Archangels themselves.
A normal Angel on the other hand can be killed almost as easily as a human.

Saviours – Angels that walk the surface of the Earth to try to save human souls from being sucked down to Hell. Being a Saviour is a dangerous job. If you are caught by Slayers they're likely to kill you and you might even be killed by stupid humans when trying to save their souls from damnation. If a Saviour witnesses a human commit a sin it has to quickly forgive this sin to make it "undone" so that the soul of that human comes to Heaven once the human dies. This is hard work since the Sinners are many and they don't really know when they break a commandment so the Saviours have to work around the clock to keep souls from Hell.
Angels can't collect souls in the same way as Demons – that is to say by killing humans. Instead they have to wait for a human to die a natural death. First then its soul will be brought to Heaven's Reserve of Souls. This might not seem very efficient compared to Hell's soul-gathering but a lot of people die from diseases and lack of food before they commit any sins so Heaven have a frequent stream of incoming souls every day in spite of everything.

Demon bodies – The original Demons are fallen Angels so they normally look like humans apart from inhuman eye and hair colours. They do have wings but they are featherless unlike angel wings and look more like bat wings and are black. After the shaping of Hell Demons began to breed with all sorts of "evi" creatures so they can take various forms with horns and tails and so on, but some families are more pure-blooded than others which results in Demon-babies that look totally human (excluding the wings again, of course). These types of Demons are born shape shifters and can turn into more frightening forms if they want to.
Even the once fallen Angels, like Mr. D and Cain, have more diabolic shapes than they regularly make show of.
A mixed breed however is unable to shift shape unless it first goes to Hell’s Department of Human Disguises and fills in numerous forms to get access to a human body. If the Demon gets killed by something other than an Archangel's sword the Demon won't die, but the disguise will be useless and the Demon has to go back to the Department of HD to get a new one.

How to kill a Demon – Depending on the Demon being a pure-blood or a mixed breed says a lot about how hard or easy they are to kill. A mixed breed with low rank and genes from a weak supernatural being is easy to kill while a mixed breed with genes from a strong creature can be almost unstoppable. The Demons that are most difficulty to kill however are pure-blooded with inheritance from the fallen Angels. So far no one has managed to kill a fallen Archangel, although God once sent an army of Angels to defeat Lucifer. This was a mistake and God never tried it again since Lucifer – the Devil – obliterated the army with the help of only three other Demons – all of them former Archangels.
A higher Demon can only be killed by the blade of a blessed sword – an Archangel's sword. Either the Demon's head has to be chopped off or its heart pierced.

Slayers – these highly ranked demons are the elite of the Devil's force. Not only do they kill humans to gather souls, they take their orders directly from the Devil and are stronger than any other demons. God has his Archangels… Mr. D has his Slayers…

Stalkers – A group of low ranked demons assigned to observe and report Sinners so that Slayers can collect their souls. Besides that a Stalker is supposed to track Refusers and hopefully kill them.
Different units of Stalkers have different ranks. An Alpha team is the most efficient and reliable type of Stalkers. An Alpha Stalker might even become a Slayer some time, while Stalkers in a Beta team are a bit weaker. They can only hope to become part of an Alpha unit in the future.

The Reapers – A couple of years after the Soul-gathering was in full swing a Demon came up with the idea to call the most successful group of Slayers for "The Reapers". It is an honour to be a Reaper because you can count on the fact that the Devil knows you by name and counts on you to kill a lot of Sinners. Since you've acquired this title you probably won't disappoint him.

A Drone – A demon with low rank.
The Drone is supposed to attend on the Slayers and Stalkers to facilitate their work. Drones are usually problem solvers. A Drone is assumed to be available as soon as something needs to be fixed – spare parts for guns and stuff like that. If a Drone doesn’t do its job or if it is rude to a higher Demon it can be punished and even fired by the Devil. This implies a great shame on the Demon and he or she will probably never get another job for a couple of decades.

The Soul-sucker – Hell's way of collecting souls that have been separated from the human body. It appears out of thin air and looks like a big, black hose that sucks up the soul and draws it down to Hell. Then the hose will disappear again until a new soul needs to be collected.

The communicators – They look a little like cell phones and they have similar features that some cell phones have already today, but Hell's engineers has improved the technique and the signal is impossible to tap outside Hell. They also have numerous functions to facilitate all of Hell’s communication and keep it from slipping into the hands of the enemy. For instance: if a communicator is stolen by an Angel it's programmed to show an obscene message on the display before it self-destructs.

The Black Bible – Basically the common Bible and the Black Bible contain the same script, but they differ in length since the common Bible lacks some chapters that are in the Black Bible.
These chapters – usually consisting of unspeakable darkness and doom – have been edited out of the common Bible to make it more appropriate for humans to read.
So you could say there's no way to tell which book is more true than the other.
God wouldn't want the Black Bible to spread among humans though. That'd probably cause a lot of trouble.
You see, the book is said to bring misfortune and insanity to those who read it. Since the book possesses this vicious ability it's understandable that God doesn't want to keep it up in Heaven, right?
On the other hand, the book probably couldn't have found a better place to reside than in Hell.
Home, sweet home…

Note that the Black Bible in no way should be called the "Satanic" Bible. The Satanic Bible was invented by humans and Hell probably couldn't care less about it.
(Read the short story "Foul Play" in the Archive to understand more about Hell's attitude towards Satanists and you'll know why…)

Sinners – All humans that have broken a commandment are legal pray for a Slayer. If they don't gain absolution before a Slayer get hold of them, they'll probably end up dead and their souls will be collected by the Soul-sucker and swoosh down to Hell's Reserve of Souls.
How a Sinner obtains absolution – see Saviours.

Refusers – Supernatural creatures that refused to choose a side after Armageddon and therefore has turned into monsters. They don't have souls so they are of no use to any side really, but since they tend to cause problems and can get violent, both Angels and Demons try to exterminate them. That is however hard to accomplish… There is a LOT of Refusers out there.

Slugs – The worst kind of Refuser there is. It looks a little like an ordinary slug and it even leaves a slimy trace behind itself, but it's HUGE! And it's got seven eyes and a giant mouth full with sharp teeth…